A Little Bit About Me

Hello friends.

Thank you for taking sometime and clicking on this blog. If you couldn’t tell, this is me basically documenting my life with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and a slight case of obsessive compulsive disorder. 

I’ve had anxiety basically since I can remember. My kindergarten teacher called my mom at one point and told her to stop buying me hotdogs because the bun would always break and I would always have a meltdown. In grade 3 I did a project backwards and sat there in class, crying while ripping it to pieces. 

My life is a roller coaster to say the least. I have yet to find my baseline and I have yet to find peace within myself.  My anxiety is an everyday battle. There are times where I don’t want to leave bed. And there are days where I can’t leave my bed. Everyday is a different struggle, and everyday brings new challenges. 

I am going to be 100% real with how I’m feeling, and how I’m doing. I’ll blog the good, the bad, the dark, and the ugly. It’s time for the stigma around mental health to fuck off, and I am determined to show people with mental illness that it is alright to deal with this, it’s healthy to talk about it. And that it’s not something you should be ashamed of. 

So, with that – let’s get talking about mental illness. There is no room for any sort of negativity here. This is my story and I’m simply sharing it (which for the record, is fucking terrifying). 

Again, thank you for clicking here. Thank you for taking the time to scroll. And most importantly, thank you for being apart of the solution. 

With love,